Friday, October 31, 2008

Why Mom Drinks Margaritas

Most of the time I'm raising my boys alone because my hubby is always gone.  Ever since we moved here to Georgia my hubby has been gone.  First he was in Savannah, GA and now he is back in Tacoma, WA.  He will be home for a couple days in December.  He won't be home for Thanksgiving but will be home for Christmas, which is nice because he missed last Christmas.  He tends to miss every other Christmas.  Im sure you can image (maybe you can't if your lucky) that it's hard being somewhere new, not knowing anyone, not having a hubby around and not having any family around but throwing myself a pity party isn't going to help anyone, not even myself so I just deal with it.

Yesterday it really hit me when we were carving pumpkins and my oldest says "Where's Grandma?"  My heart dropped and I almost started crying because every year mom comes over and carves pumpkins with us.  It will probably hit me again tonight when we are out trick or treating because my mom also use to come with us trick or treating.

Well I've been stuck to the internet and blogging world the last couple of days looking at all the Quilt Market pictures and reading about all the fabric designers and pattern designers.  I love seeing all the new products and fabric lines coming out but on the other hand I'm so envious because I couldn't be there.  I went to the Spring Quilt Market in Portland and its so FUN.  Well anyway I come upon a blog talking about how Anna Maria Horner is now pregnant with her 6th child and I'm wondering to myself how in the HECK does she raise 5 kids and design fabric, design patterns and write books and now she is having another baby????!!!!!?????  What the HECK!!!!!  Someone tell me she has a super helpful husband and maybe a nanny or something?????  Because I can't imagine getting everything she does done and still raise a family of 5 with another on the way.  I just can't!!  She really makes me sick and at the same time I feel like a loser that I can't get that all done myself.  I wonder why the heck I can't even get my son's Halloween costume done without wanting to drink. I was so irratated that I was ready to rename my blog Why Mom Drinks Margaritas last night.  Holly's drink of choice is Rum but mine would be Margarita!!  I LOVE Margarita's and it's one of the founding reasons why I never want to get pregnant again, well other than the fact that I can just barely take care of the 4 that I have and still be a loser who can't design fabrics or patterns or write a book......LOL!!

*******Please note - yes, my son is holding my best friend and yes it's really Jose but he hasn't had any Jose's or Rita's.  It's a prop and for photographic purpose only.  And no, I look totally wasted and so does my son but really we are just completely unphotogentic and that's what makes this photo so dang funny.

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