Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Not getting stuff done that I should be doing

Well I'm rushing around trying to get Halloween costumes done, products ready to be shipped off, cutting in stock orders and working on a wholesale order.  Some of these task could have been done last week or the week before when I was sewing for fun and making my sister some PJ pants and a camisole.  The pattern is originally from Amy Butler's In Stitches book but I've modified it a bit by putting on cuffs and shortening the waist bands so they fit lower on the waist.  Unfortunately I forgot to cut these a big bigger than the printed pattern to account for a bigger size so they ended up being a little snug.  The camisole is from Favorite Things and it comes in Adult and little girl sizes.  The camisole can actually be worn as a tank top with shorts or a skirt and is pretty easy to make.  I modify it a bit by lining the top portion of it so it just looks better finished.

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