Monday, October 27, 2008

Addictions and craziness

Quite the title for a blog post but right now that would describe our house in 2 words. Addictions - well personally I'm addicted to fresh salsa and I WANT IT EVERYDAY. Most would think that's not such a bad addiction but since I like to put salsa over cream cheese and eat it, it's really not such a good thing. I can't say much about the mexican restaurants around here but I can say they have killer Salsa!! I want to stop at them and just get salsa for take out but I'm always scared they might think I'm a little crazy if I do. Another thing I'm addicted to is cherry cokes from Sonic but actually my whole family is addicted to the cherry cokes at Sonic. Were always finding a reason to stop by Sonic and pick up one. Lastly my boys and I are addicted to Guitar Hero and Rockband and this is what qualifies us as crazy because we went to Walmart very late Saturday night so we could be the first to get the new Guitar Hero World Tour that came out Sunday morning at 12am. Luckily we were the only crazy people to do this and even had to ask the sales clerk to go dig in the back to find it. I know I had to look crazy going to Walmart at midnight with 4 boys, one of them sound asleep in stroller and then their is my 4 year old being loud and obnoxious in a very quiet and deserted Walmart. Like I tell my kids you see all kinds of crazies at Walmart and that night we were one of them:) Another thing that qualifies me as crazy is the fact that we stayed up till 5 am playing Guitar Hero World Tour . Lucikly my youngest slept in till 10:30 so I did manage to get 5 1/2 hours of sleep. My 2 year old is also addicted to Guitar Hero as you can see in the pictures.

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Holly said...

Bah! I didn't realize you were back up and running! Congrats on the sale and successful move...I bet the south is beautiful. But in such a different way - I love Washington Sate as well.

And yes....dragging 4 kids to Walmart at midnight is crazy. Or...maybe smart. No crowds to contend with...hmmmmm.