Friday, June 27, 2008

Day 2

It's day 2 of our house on the market and I'm already dissapointed for a number of reasons:

1. My realtor is unreliable.
2. I expected at least one showing already.
3. Keeping the house clean with 4+ boys is driving me to drink.

I was already drinking by 3pm on the second day. I don't know if I can do this for days, weeks or months for that matter. I felt if I made a mess in my house then maybe someone would call for a showing so I got the material out and cut. Well it's all cut and still no call. It's 7pm and I think we can write day 2 off. I hope day 3 is better.

I'm not sure how you can end up paying a realtor $6000 and she still can't manage to show up on time or even call you to tell you that she is going to be late. It took her till day 2 to get the lock box and flyer box up. I don't think she gets it. I mean we have to sell this house ASAP so we can buy our DREAM HOUSE. Every minute I feel like it's slipping through our fingers and we are going to lose out on it. I've checked out all the other houses on the market and not 1 freakin house compares to our DREAM house. (In my most spoiled child voice...)I WANT THAT HOUSE!!! I WANT IT!! I WANT IT! I WANT IT NOW!!!