Sunday, January 28, 2007

A bunch of different things.......

First off I want to thank Lacy for fixing my blog for me! Thank you Lacy!

I need some help coming up with a tagline for my business, something to go with Cocoa Dreams. Anyone have any good ideas for one? It doesn't necessarily have to relate to just babies though because I might want to carry something besides baby stuff.

Today I spent the day up in Seattle shopping with my girlfriend. I brought Callin with us and I used a Moby Wrap and boy is that thing comfortable, way more comfortable than my pouch. Definately worth the money! I wore Callin from 10am to 3 pm and my back never ached, now my feet did but not my back. We went to the Seattle Gift Show and looked at all the cool products, ate at Gordon Birsch and then shopped at Nordstroms and Macys. It was allot of fun!

Well I guess it's bedtime because I can't type, spell right or write coherantly!

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Having Problems

As you can tell I'm having problems with getting my new header to show completely. I've been messing with this thing off and on for the last week and it's starting to drive me crazy but least I'm making progress. Tune in next week I might actually have the whole thing showing!!

You have also probably noticed that I haven't posted allot lately and thats because I have been busy making Pacifier Blankets or some know as tag blankets. They are selling well but I don't know how much longer I will be able to make them because this lady has a pretty extensive patent on it. How you can put a patent on a blanket I don't know but it must involve lots of money! I've contacted a patent lawyer to find out if I'm violating her patent, I hope he gives me some good news.

When I'm not working on Cocoa Dreams I'm spending time with my boys and taking pictures of them. Well, I don't always take pictures of them but today we had a little photo shoot.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Callin enjoying his taggie!

Callin enjoying his taggie!
Originally uploaded by Cocoa Dreams.
Awww I can't get enough of this little man! Isn't he the cutest? Everytime I look at him I just want him to stay a baby forever because I know he's my last one. I just love his little hand, legs and feet. Have I told you how long his feet and hands are? I figured this picture is a great advertisement for my newest addition to Cocoa Dreams. I made him a Tag Blankey out of Michael Miller Snuggle up and Satin dumb dots. I even attached a tag to the blanket that you can attach a pacifier too. Now we don't have to worry about losing his pacifier. On my next tag blanket I think I will make the ribbon a little shorter though.

Boy are these tag blankets popular right now, right along with the Bumbo Seat. I think almost everyone on my September Mom's group has a bumbo seat for their baby. I don't think I will get Callin one though, I'm not sure that it's such a great idea to prop you child up in a seat before they are developmentally ready but mainly I just don't want to spend $40 on one. Plus the fact I don't want him growing up any soon than he is already.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

It doesn’t take me long at all to make the tops of these quilts but what takes my time is machine quilting and hand sewing the binding on. It took me at least a month to handsew the binding on this quilt, mainly because I was just too busy doing other projects. The actual time it takes to handsew the binding on isn’t that long. Anyhow this quilt was made using a fat quarter bundle of Amy Butler Belle collection bought from Fat Quarter Shop. I made up my own quilt pattern but it’s very simple. I took all the big prints and cut them into 5 inch squares and took the smaller prints and made either a 4 patch block or took 2 squares and a rectangle to make a block.

I have 2 other quilt tops sitting in my fabric stash to be finished but they may have to wait a little longer. I'm busy right now making baby bibs. I have a stack of 15 that I'm working on. I plan on adding them to my website so I made a bunch up out of different material. Hopefully I will have them up on Cocoa Dreams by the end of the week.