Tuesday, November 28, 2006

This is my newest creation for my store, it's a personalized baby pillow. I had a customer ask about baby pillows and bibs so I decided to add them to my product selection. I'm really happy with the way the pillow turned out. I have to be in order for me to feel good about putting it in my store. I made a bib too but I'm just not feeling it. Usually I get really excited when I make something that I love and pat myself on the back but the bib just did nothing for me. Maybe because I hate bibs? Who knows?

I'm also making a diaper bag and so far I'm loving it but I'm at a point where I don't know what to do next to it. I'm actually not a diaper bag person and rarely ever bring one with me so I'm having a little trouble getting inspired to make a diaper bag. Plus, I don't have a clear vision of how I want it to look so that's holding me back too. I do know I want something that won't fall off of my shoulders though. All the diaper bags that I see on the internet that are made by people are all the same design so I want to stay away from that and come up with something original. It seems that when a person comes to your website they want all the baby essentials so I think it's a good business decision to come up with a diaper bag, I'm just not sure if it's going to be something I'm going to enjoy making.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Funky Christmas Stockings

Funky Christmas Stockings
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My newest project is making these Christmas stockings for everyone in my family. They are made with upholstery velvet and silk dupioni, expensive material but so worth it!! So far I have 4 made only 4 more to go if I include the dogs. Well make that 5 more to go because my sister has requested a red polka dotted one too. I just love how these turned out. The green one in the picture still needs to be lined with canvas but you get the general idea. I made Kendall and Cade one out of green paisley but the polka dot ones are my favorite. They take a little work sewing a satin stitch around the polka dots. To bad you can't just find the material with the polka dots on it. I tried making stocking a couple years ago and got the material but never finished so I'm so stoked that I actually found a design I love and I'm getting them done. I actually saw some stockings like these in a catalog that my mom got http://www.ballarddesigns.com/ She knew that I would love the polka dot ones and she was right. I had Kendall draw me out the pattern, actually had him draw it out a couple of times because he didn't draw them out as big as I wanted them. He was even good enough to mark where to cut, like I couldn't figure that one out!! LOL!!

I decided to put these in my etsy shop too http://cocoadreams.etsy.com Hopefully they will sell well, but if they don't that is ok too because they are allot of work. I have so many things I want to make but not enough time to get it all done. So it wouldn't break my heart if I didn't sell any of these on etsy.

Monday, November 13, 2006

I've become a Babywearer...

So I have officially become a babywearer and I love it!! I know Jeny will be excited to read this! I even made myself a pouch sling out of black fleece and a cotton one, but I'm in love with the black fleece one. Yeah, the picture is not good of me but I can't keep my eyes open for some reason.

Callin just loves the sling, everytime I put him in there he will fall asleep. I was able to sew all weekend and make a quilt top carrying him around in it. I've been carrying him in the pouch since he was born but mainly only when I'm shopping. I notice when I carry him around in the pouch half the time people don't even realize I'm carrying a baby around. It's funny because Callin is such a grunter when he is in the sling, I wonder how people don't realize that I am carrying a baby.

When I first started putting him in the sling, he looked so uncomfortable. I kept asking my friend, "do you think he's uncomfortable?" and she would reply "he would let you know if he was uncomfortable." She was right but so far I haven't heard a complaint!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


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Thanks to the sun finally coming out after days of torrential rainfall I was able to get my camera out and take some pictures of these aprons I made a month or so ago. I also took some pictures of the blankets that I finished last night. Other than that I didn't get much done. My next project is making a pouch sling out of some cool Michael Miller fabric. I made my first sling this weekend using some black fleece and it worked out great, I even made an online friend one with the leftover material. I'm thinking about making a diaper bag out of the Michael Miller material and have a pattern in my head but I'm a little worried the material might be to busy for a bag.

I might have figured out the trick of getting Callin to take a long nap in the afternoon. Yesterday his long nap came right after dinner but then he woke up more frequently during the night. So today I laid down with my 2 year old and Callin. Luckily Cade my 2 year old was tired so he was "for once" pretty easy to get down and while he was stroking my hair (a habit and routine he aquired from birth that puts him to sleep) I nursed Callin till he fell asleep. Then while wedged in between the 2 I watched the rest of my soap opera and when that was over I snuck out of the bed and got some stuff done. Hopefully it works tomorrow.......stay tuned....

Monday, November 06, 2006

Black and White Handbag

Black and White Handbag
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Well I take it back, I did get something accomplished today. I finshed my purse. I had the purse almost done but I wanted to add a fabric flower on it, just to give it more personality. I love how the purse turned out but if I was to make another one I would use use stiff interfacing on top of the canvas that I lined it in. I think it would give it the extra body that it's lacking. I didn't use the stiff interfacing in the purse originally because the last purse I used it on it showed on the outside and I didn't like that look but I think if I ironed it on the canvas it wouldn't show on the outside or better yet maybe I will be able to find some sew in super stiff interfacing. I looked for some before I started this purse at Joann's but of course they didn't have any.

Precious Sleeping Baby

Callin Bleu 058
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Doesn't he look so cute sleeping??? To bad he didn't want to sleep at all today. I thought I could get some stuff done but instead I held Callin most of the day. Do I mind?? No, not really when it comes down to it. He's my last baby so I want to treasure every moment I have with him. Sure I would like to be able to do some sewing too but when it comes down to it the sewing will always be there. Honestly I wasn't feeling all that good today anyways. I did however manage to serge a couple blankets, so now all I have to do is hand sew the edge up.

I also perused www.etsy.com for some inspiration while holding Callin. I was looking for ideas on what to do with this Michael Miller Christmas fabric, but didn't really come up with any hits. I thought about making some Christmas baby blankets but I'm scared if I make some and they don't sell then what will I do with them? I definately don't want to store them till next Christmas but if all else fails I might just make them and hope for the best. I sit in bed at night and try to figure out what I want to get done the next day and I think I might just fulfill my prophecy today, that is if I do manage to finish hand sewing the 2 blankets and a burp cloth and Callin allows me to do it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The beginnings of a blog......

I'm not a big fan of writing but I'm in love with reading crafty blogs and looking at them for inspiration so you might not get much from my writings but hopefully you will walk away inspired.

I also hear it's a good way to market your business and since I just started www.CocoaDreams.com I thought it would be worth a shot. Plus I can hold my newborn on my lap and feel like I'm actually doing something to promote my business.