Monday, November 06, 2006

Black and White Handbag

Black and White Handbag
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Well I take it back, I did get something accomplished today. I finshed my purse. I had the purse almost done but I wanted to add a fabric flower on it, just to give it more personality. I love how the purse turned out but if I was to make another one I would use use stiff interfacing on top of the canvas that I lined it in. I think it would give it the extra body that it's lacking. I didn't use the stiff interfacing in the purse originally because the last purse I used it on it showed on the outside and I didn't like that look but I think if I ironed it on the canvas it wouldn't show on the outside or better yet maybe I will be able to find some sew in super stiff interfacing. I looked for some before I started this purse at Joann's but of course they didn't have any.

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r said...

Wow, that looks wonderful - ideal to add interest to a basic outfit.