Monday, November 06, 2006

Precious Sleeping Baby

Callin Bleu 058
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Doesn't he look so cute sleeping??? To bad he didn't want to sleep at all today. I thought I could get some stuff done but instead I held Callin most of the day. Do I mind?? No, not really when it comes down to it. He's my last baby so I want to treasure every moment I have with him. Sure I would like to be able to do some sewing too but when it comes down to it the sewing will always be there. Honestly I wasn't feeling all that good today anyways. I did however manage to serge a couple blankets, so now all I have to do is hand sew the edge up.

I also perused for some inspiration while holding Callin. I was looking for ideas on what to do with this Michael Miller Christmas fabric, but didn't really come up with any hits. I thought about making some Christmas baby blankets but I'm scared if I make some and they don't sell then what will I do with them? I definately don't want to store them till next Christmas but if all else fails I might just make them and hope for the best. I sit in bed at night and try to figure out what I want to get done the next day and I think I might just fulfill my prophecy today, that is if I do manage to finish hand sewing the 2 blankets and a burp cloth and Callin allows me to do it.

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r said...

What a beautiful little guy! I agree - sewing will always be there, but being able to hold your baby pass so quickly...:-(