Monday, November 20, 2006

Funky Christmas Stockings

Funky Christmas Stockings
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My newest project is making these Christmas stockings for everyone in my family. They are made with upholstery velvet and silk dupioni, expensive material but so worth it!! So far I have 4 made only 4 more to go if I include the dogs. Well make that 5 more to go because my sister has requested a red polka dotted one too. I just love how these turned out. The green one in the picture still needs to be lined with canvas but you get the general idea. I made Kendall and Cade one out of green paisley but the polka dot ones are my favorite. They take a little work sewing a satin stitch around the polka dots. To bad you can't just find the material with the polka dots on it. I tried making stocking a couple years ago and got the material but never finished so I'm so stoked that I actually found a design I love and I'm getting them done. I actually saw some stockings like these in a catalog that my mom got She knew that I would love the polka dot ones and she was right. I had Kendall draw me out the pattern, actually had him draw it out a couple of times because he didn't draw them out as big as I wanted them. He was even good enough to mark where to cut, like I couldn't figure that one out!! LOL!!

I decided to put these in my etsy shop too Hopefully they will sell well, but if they don't that is ok too because they are allot of work. I have so many things I want to make but not enough time to get it all done. So it wouldn't break my heart if I didn't sell any of these on etsy.


Lacy said...

That is so funny that you made these. I was just thikning today that you should make some funky stockings. Seriously. They turned out cute and I love them!

nicole said...

Chasley I love the stockings. You have such a creative eye for things. I'm jealous!

nicole said...

Consider yourself TAGGED! You must post a picture of your fabric stash! I did!

Cocoa Dreams said...

Well I will have to go and check it out but I don't have a sewing room so all my fabric is in totes sitting in Cade's room, since he's rarely in his room!