Monday, December 22, 2008

More PJ Pants (Thrifty under Fifty Challenge)

Some more PJ pants I made for the Thrifty under Fifty Challenge.  These are an altered Amy Butler pattern found in her In Stitches book.   I've cut down the waist and added some cuffs on the bottom.  I have one last picture left from the Thrifty under Fifty Challenge but I will share that in the next day or so.  Don't want to bore you all in one day:)

Beauty and the Geek (part of the Thrifty under 50 challenge)

Some finished softies I made, well I say finished but really they don't have shoes yet.  I've found these take allot of time and for one that has a very short attention span they aren't something I will be making lots of in the future.   The geek is for my 2 year old for Christmas but I'm betting the dogs will get it and destroy as soon as it's out of the wrapping......

These were part of the Thrifty under Fifty challenge but I just now took pictures of them.  They cost me $13 to make, $10 for the pattern and $3 for the buttons.  The monkey pattern was free though.  The patterns are from MMMCrafts , which I love to visit because she has allot of cute ideas.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Thrifty Under Fifty Car Mat to Go

I have to say that I stole this idea from Jamie.  She is a very talented seamstress and has allot of great ideas.  She was kind enough to post pictures of these car mats on my group.  I used Michael Miller Merryville line to make these and I ended up  getting 4 out of the scrap I had which was just under a yard.  I still have 3 more to make but I'm not sure I will have them done by today which is the end of the Thrifty Under Fifty challenge.  I think I will make a couple of small changes on the other 3 too.  The zipper needs some work and I'm thinking I might be better off to go with a flap and velcro, so it will be easier for little kids to get to.

Thrifty Under Fifty PJ Pants

Even though my boys like to run around with the least amount of clothes on as possible, I thought I would make them some PJ pants.  Hopefully they will wear them but if not they were easy to make.  I made a pair for my youngest, 2 for my 4 year old and 2 for my 9 year old.  I need to make my 11 year old some too but I'm waiting to get some different material for him.  It's so hard to find good quality boy fabric that isn't geared toward toddlers.  

Friday, December 05, 2008

Thrifty under Fifty Completed Project cost $0

Pot holders made with fabric scraps, heat resistant fabric and batting from fabric stash.  I didn't use a pattern so total cost was nothing $0:)

PJ pants and a Rag Quilt.  Used patterns and material from my stash so it didn't cost me a dime.  Rag Quilt needs to be washed and cut still.

Thrifty Under Fifty Completed Projects

Andalucia Katy Kitty
Originally uploaded by Cocoa Dreams
Katy Kitty done in Andalucia by Patty Young. The pattern was purchased from MMCrafts for $10.  I had the fabric but had to buy some buttons for $3.  So total cost of Katy Kitty was $13.  I still have a coat, skirt and shoes I need to make for her.