Monday, December 22, 2008

Beauty and the Geek (part of the Thrifty under 50 challenge)

Some finished softies I made, well I say finished but really they don't have shoes yet.  I've found these take allot of time and for one that has a very short attention span they aren't something I will be making lots of in the future.   The geek is for my 2 year old for Christmas but I'm betting the dogs will get it and destroy as soon as it's out of the wrapping......

These were part of the Thrifty under Fifty challenge but I just now took pictures of them.  They cost me $13 to make, $10 for the pattern and $3 for the buttons.  The monkey pattern was free though.  The patterns are from MMMCrafts , which I love to visit because she has allot of cute ideas.

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Mama Krit said...

Those are SOOO cute! I love them!