Sunday, January 28, 2007

A bunch of different things.......

First off I want to thank Lacy for fixing my blog for me! Thank you Lacy!

I need some help coming up with a tagline for my business, something to go with Cocoa Dreams. Anyone have any good ideas for one? It doesn't necessarily have to relate to just babies though because I might want to carry something besides baby stuff.

Today I spent the day up in Seattle shopping with my girlfriend. I brought Callin with us and I used a Moby Wrap and boy is that thing comfortable, way more comfortable than my pouch. Definately worth the money! I wore Callin from 10am to 3 pm and my back never ached, now my feet did but not my back. We went to the Seattle Gift Show and looked at all the cool products, ate at Gordon Birsch and then shopped at Nordstroms and Macys. It was allot of fun!

Well I guess it's bedtime because I can't type, spell right or write coherantly!


Mom-to-five said...

I LOVED my wraps. The stretchy ones like the moby were my favorite, definitely the most comfortable carrier out there, although a little intimidating at first. Your blog looks great too. So do your little guys. Callin is adorable. I want to kiss his cheeks. :)

Lacy said...

You are very welcome. = )