Sunday, February 18, 2007

Sleeping Beauty

It's been awhile since I posted and mainly it's because I really haven't made anything new in the last couple of weeks. I've been busy filling orders and running some coops. I'm hoping that later this week I will be able to get some projects done. I have an apron that is half way finished and a bunch of ideas for new projects. I want to make a diaper clutch, where I can put diapers and wipes in. I also have a couple different ideas for blankets, now I just need to find time to do it all.

The kids are home tomorrow and we need to run to WalMart and pick up some stuff to pack in my hubby's container that will be shipped to Iraq. On Tuesday I have to take Cade in to get a speech evaluation and hearing test done, that should be fun. It's a good thing I'm taking my mom with me to help me out. My house desperately needs a major cleaning too and my mom has graceously offered to help but the last thing I want to do is clean, I would much rather be sewing. I did manage to get my garage cleaned up. I only did that so I could make room for a beach cruiser bike that I want. Usually I get allot of sewing done on the weekend but this weekend we went shopping and played outside, we had a beautiful day on Saturday and now were back to the dreary rain were going to have forever. So my post really has nothing to do with sleeping beauty but I think posts are so much more interesting if their is a picture to go with it. I took this of Callin a week or so ago, after it occured to me that a cute baby does wonders for merchandising my baby products!!

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A said...

Callin is such a handsome baby. I love that blanket. I bet it's really really soft :)