Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Back On Schedule

Yes, I'm back on schedule but in a bad way because this means that I just got a speeding ticket.   Yep, I use to be on a schedule of 1 ticket per year and then I went on this hiatus and didn't get a ticket for 10 years.  Well last year on my way back home from California to Washington I got my first ticket in 10 years for speeding and then today was my second ticket for speeding.  Just what you need before the holidays.  One good thing I figured out was that you can go 1-10 miles over the speed limit and only get a $37 ticket, now thats more like what I can afford.  Unfortunately I was going 17 miles over the speed limit and scored myself a big fat $179 ticket:)  Oh, well what can you do!

I'm still working on the Halloween costumes, but I got them almost done.  The blanket in the photo is one I designed but I worry that it might be not so practical but it's super warm and soft.......and cute to boot!!  I just need to list it on Etsy

I have a couple more new designs to show off but I need to clean up the photos or take different ones.  The presentation didn't turn out as cut as I thought it would.  I also have a couple of designs in my head to work on but that will have to wait till next week after the Halloween Crazies.  Speaking of crazies I guess I should mention that my 2 year old now wake up and the first thing out of his mouth is Guitar Hero.  He wants to play this all day long but he doesn't really play he just watches everyone else play.

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