Wednesday, October 08, 2008

I'm Back!!!!

Yes, it's true I'm back to blogging and hopefully on a regular basis from now on. So I guess an update is in order since the last post.

Day 14 - No showing and we were ready to lower our asking price by $5000 but was going to wait till the weekend was over.
Day 17 - We got a showing!! We got a showing!! About an hour after the showing we heard they were going to make an offer on the house. They loved our house, gave us full asking price and wanted our Refrigerator, brand new cherry red washer and dryer. Well we really didn't want to give up our new washer and dryer but we knew we were pretty lucky to get this offer. In the end we kept the washer and dryer and they got $1500 to go and buy their own washer and dryer. Pretty sweet deal for them, wish we had hired an realtor that would actually work for us. It was a major ordeal to get her to help us keep our washer and dryer.
Day 25 - Hubby leaves for a 4 day drive to GA. They started packing up our house. After getting a quote of $2500 to move our Toyota Sequoia to GA we are starting to rethink the whole idea of the boys and I flying to GA.
Day 26 - My mom and I decide that we will go on a roadtrip with 4 kids and 3 dogs (2 of which are puppies).
Day 28 - Were declared crazy and start our 2500 mile journey, 2 adults, 2 boys and 3 dogs.

Day 34 - We arrive in GA, dropped my mom off at my grandpa's house and head to Columbus.
Day 35 - We close on our house in WA and Sign on our house in GA

So now we are in GA and hubby is gone in Savannah, which leaves me to unpacking and moving into the house with help from my mom. Man, what the heck would I do without my mom??? She was a lifesaver and it was so hard to say goodbye to her.

2 months later - We are settled and adapting to the South. I love my house and having the time of my life decorating it and just loving it:) The boys have all met friends and are adapting to the new rules of school. Yeah, I about passed out when they told my 6th grader rocker son that he has to tuck his concert t-shirt in. Are you FREAKIN kiddin me?????? Who the hell tucks a t-shirt in and why the hell are you making my son tuck his shirt in??? Please don't tell me that you are going to start making him say "Yes, mam" and "No, mam". Sure enough one day his teacher said to him, "I know you don't say this in Washington but could you answer me with, Yes, mam or no mam?" What I thought was the end of world ..... 2 months later it's no big deal and we even find out southern boys hate tucking their shirt in as much as we do.

So I've been dying to tell you'all about the difference between the West coast and the South:

1. The only time you see inmates on the west coast or even in the middle of the US is when you are actually in Prison. In Georgia you see inmates everyday because they are working on the road, in the state offices and collecting your garbage. Imagine my surprise when I see they even put Prison's next to the High School, thank golly it's 30 miles from us.

2. Everyone drinks Sweet Tea, eats chicken, wings and barbeque. Who thought that their would be so many fast food joints that serve Chicken? At my son's school you don't even have to ask what is for lunch because it's always going to be some form of chicken. I just wonder when my son is going to start flapping his wings and start clucking?

3. Real men where pink.....well lets just say I've seen more men and boys wear pink shirts here in 2 months than I have seen in my whole life living on the west coast. Even living 40 minutes from San Fran I can still say this.

4. People are just more friendlier here in the South. Sometimes almost too friendly. One night we went out to dinner and the damn waiter wouldn't leave us alone, I thought he was going to come home with us. The waiter was from the restaurant that my son declared was dirty when he walked in and saw peanut shells all over the floor.

5. People in the South actually eat and have an appetite after walking into a mustard yellow decorated restaurant. I mean how does a person not lose their appetite walking into a mustard yellow restaurant or even walking into a restaurant with a big pig on it? We won't even talk about buffets here.

6. Kids here in the South still get whipped with a belt from their dad. Shoot we would get arrested if we wooped our kids with a belt on the West coast.

I know there are some more differences but it's getting late and I need to head to bed. Really even with the minor differences I'm enjoying living in the south and my oldest that says he hates the south has given up his Dr. Pepper and replaced it with Sweet Tea.

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