Saturday, May 05, 2007

Getting Back in the Groove

My blog has been neglected the last month or so. So today is a new day and I'm getting back in the groove of posting or least I'm hoping too!! So from now I hope to post at least once a week. Now that goal isn't going to be easy with summer coming and the fact that I will be going back to school part time on Monday. Which I'm dreading by the way but with only 6 more classes to go I have to get it done!

I've made a couple things the last month besides my store orders. I made this bag last night with some of the new Michael Miller prints and May Arts ribbon. The next bag I want to make wider and put the eyelets a little farther over. I also plan on adding a small embellishment to the front of the bag to hide the seam of the ribbon. Of course I couldn't just finish off the bag but I had to set aside so I could start making a dress. So the bag goes in the unfinished pile along with a couple dozen other things ... well that's a slight exageration. Now, if I only had enough time to do all the projects that float in my brain. It was a week of thoughts and anticipation before I was actually able to work on the bag. Now, I have all these creative ideas for girl outfits and not enough time to make them reality. Well I do have the dress started and hopefully tomorrow I can make some more progress on them.

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