Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well I usually post pictures of my projects but these boys of mine are my proudest work!! They are the joy of my life and at times the biggest headache of my life!! I've been a lazy mom and just started giving Callin solids at 7 months and even though he acts like he is so interested in what we are eating he's not too keen on actually eating it himself. He does dig fries and bread at restaurants though!! It's crazy, Callin is my 4th child and you would think I would know everything about raising kids. But I find myself wondering (or should I say reasurring myself) if it's perfectly fine for a baby to live off of breastmilk for the first year. I have problems remembering exactly what I did for Cade but I do remember making all of Cades baby food. I also remember giving Cade table foods and not being very careful about introducing foods one at a time. Even though none of us have any food allergies I worry about doing that with Callin because he seems to always have some sort of rash going on. I guess for now I will just keep on giving him foods hoping that one day he will actually try it:)

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Lacy said...

I love seeing pics of your boys and all your latest projects! Any news on the job?