Thursday, April 12, 2007

Medieval Torture Treatment

Callin is teething really bad lately and because his gums are so sore he has turned into my personal medieval torturer. He loves to take his head while he is firmly clamped on to me and move back and forth and pull as far as he can. I can't wait for those teeth to break through but then I will have to worry about him biting me. Least I know what to do when they start biting and hopefully I will be able to nip that right in the butt. Nursing is suppose to be the greatest thing on earth for your baby and so you just expect it to be the best thing for mommie too. Well I like nursing, I don't think I can say I love it though. It means no wreckless drinking, the first month is full of teeth crenching pain, it makes the big O harder to attain than usual and then their is the biting. I at least walk away knowing that all my sacrifices were for a great cause and a sense of achievement to make it through all the ups and downs.

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Heather said...

The "no wreckless drinking" is a REAL bummer to the nursing thing. And I know. Ava nursed for seventeen months before I got her off of me, and now she feeds HER babies with freaking BOTTLES. Bottle-schmottle. She should be lifting up her shirt like Mommy had to do for a good year and a half. AND suffer the consequences of minature saggy double-A's as a result. But seriously, there is nothing as sweet as nursing a little baby. Even one with teeth.