Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween

Remind me to never do a Craft fair so close to Halloween because I have been so freakin busy sewing that I never really got to enjoy my favorite holiday, Halloween. I didn't have time to sew any costumes this year either so its a good thing I have a supply of Halloween costumes from past years. I did however end up buying costumes for the oldest two; The Grim Reaper and Clone Trooper. My mom made the other two, I think Chastin was the first one to wear the frog and Buzz Lightyear. Buzz Lightyear was made by my very talented mom 7 years ago and it's been worn by 4 different kids on at least 5 different times. The frog has been worn at least 3 times.

Is Halloween a hectic day for anyone else? Today I had an appt with my dermatologist, remind me never to see Dr. Troy Davis again, what an ass. Then I took my 1 year old to the doctor for a rash, that was a waste of time because he was fine. Then to Preschool to drop my 3 year old off and I met my friend for lunch. Came home, went to pick my 3 year old up. Came home and decided that we didn't have enough Trick or Treat bags so I cut out 2 bags, while cooking dinner. I managed to get one bag done before it was time to eat and get the costumes on. It's always fun getting costumes on 4 kids by yourself, then you got the neighborhood kid calling probably wanting to go trick or treating with us. Like I dont have my hands already full!! Mind you I did all this feeling like I'm coming down with a cold and with a fussy 1 year old. So I'm ready to head to bed and do nothing for an hour, something that is unheard of for me in this house.


Saina said...

Great costumes! Good luck with the craft fair. And hope you don't come down with that cold!!!

Mom-to-five said...

My Halloweens are busy too. I just run and run and then I'm so frickin' tired. I think you get a lot more accomplished though. I spoke with a friend about just getting Analaura's costume done today and still needing to buy Kayla's (13 yo dd). It's not like Halloween is a surprise. No one called me up last week and said, 'by the way, Halloween is next Wednesday'. It's the same damn day every year. You'd think I'd get that figured out by now. Oh well... at least I have plenty of Halloween fabric for trick or treat bags next year. /: