Tuesday, October 30, 2007

15 Years Ago

I met my husband at a club in Seattle. He approached me with the famous pick up line, "Do you come here often?". How original huh? I was standing, leaning on the rail watching everyone dance and was pretty surprised to figure out he was actually talking to me. I thought he was H...O...T!! I ended up spending the rest of the night talking to him and meeting a couple of his friends. When I went to give him my number we couldn't find anything to write on or to write with. All we had was some lipstick and a business card but it worked because the next day he called and we went back to that club. 15 years later my hubby still has that business card with my number on it.

Today he called me from Iraq to see if I remembered what today is. Of course I did...well..after he left me a message saying, "Do you know what today is?". To be honest my husband is way more sentimental than I am. It took me along time to get my anniversary date right. I've been known to get my anniversary mixed up in the past but after 13 years of marriage I think I finally have it down. Kendall has been gone since April and I find myself being reminded of him several times a day. Some days I barely miss him because I'm so busy and overwhelmed but some days I can't help but thinking about him constantly and missing him tons. Today was one of those days. Love ya Baby!!


Erykah said...

Happy Anniversary... we pray he gets home safe!

Saina said...

Awwww.... what a sweetheart! Happy Anniversary! I know the feeling, it's hard when they are gone.

Kirsten said...

Congratulations! Amazing how time flies.

Lili said...

goodness chasley! Taking care of your kids and a craft show! You are a brave woman. :)

(Lili from fabricsect)

Congrats on your anny!

Mom-to-five said...

Chasley, that's a good lookin' man!! I'd miss him too. (: