Tuesday, September 25, 2007

My Favorite Holiday Is Coming

Ok, so I'm still in love with Halloween. Even more so than my own kids. I love candy corn, pumpkin carving, dressing up, costumes and the fact that the whole holiday involves my favorite food; CANDY!! Now, I just wish my boys liked it as much as I do. Every year I think how exciting it's going to be to make there costumes or even have my mom make there costumes and every year I'm disappointed. No matter how early I start or how many times I ask them what they are going to be for Halloween, I get the same ole answer. I don't know!!! Why can't they love the holiday as much as I do and why can't they get excited about dressing up and going trick or treating??? Why oh Why!!

Yesterday after my daily bike ride I spent some time with the neighbor girls browsing my Halloween costume catalog and the stupid American Girl catalog that I get for the sole purpose of torturing myself. I want one of those damn American Girl dolls and I have absolutely no excuse to get one. My boys would rather die that even get within 15 feet of a doll. I thought that if I grew my son's hair out that I might actually get to pretend he's my doll long enough to play with is hair but boy was I mistaken. If I get anywhere near him with a comb he jerks his head about like I have a knife instead of a comb. I just can't win let me tell you.

Anyways (I think this is one of my favorite words) I have no idea where I was going with this. I would love to make costumes for all the little girls in my life but who am I kidding I have no time to sew for them. I can't even find time to finish there Halloween skirts that I started. I did however manage to make some Halloween blankets, now I just have to add them to my website.

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