Wednesday, December 06, 2006


These are the current works in progress. I started cutting out the Alexander Henry Dragon Princess material Tuesday and got the quilt top done today. Now I just have to find a back and start machine quilting it. I've been eyeing this material for awhile and had no idea what to do with it and I finally decided on Tuesday that I would make it into a quilt for a neighbor girl down the street and I would make her sister a quilt with the same material in Pink. They are always asking me what I'm sewing and the oldest was in love with my first Michael Miller quilt that was done in the cocoa brown and pinks so I thought it would be a great Christmas present for them. They are also half Japanese so it's fitting for them.
The other is a start to a quilt I'm making with scraps of Amy Butler material. I've already made a quilt with the material but it's on my couch waiting for the binding to be hand sewn on. Once it's done I will post pictures of it. This quilt is a copy of a quilt that I saw on flickr that was also made with Amy Butler material, it's very simple but I really love it.
These days I just can't get enough of sewing, all I want to do is sew, sew and sew! I don't know what's wrong with me but I love sewing!! I was almost mad when my neighbor showed up because she totally interupted my sewing time and I had both of my boys down for naps, the perfect time to sew! Oh well, least I got the quilt top done in the end. To bad they are coming over for pizza tomorrow, another night of missed sewing. But her hubby is gone in Iraq and my hubby is gone too so it's the perfect time to get together and visit. I swear I am pathetic right now.....LOL!!
Sew tomorrow I plan on working on a diaper bag. I keep rethinking this diaper bag over and over and I think I'm just making it way to complicated and I just need to stop. The other night I had the weirdest dream where I was sewing the cutest diaper bag. It was wierd because it was something that I have never seen before and it was made with black canvas and black velour as an accent. So I'm going to finish the one bag I have started and then start working on the diaper bag that I dreamt about, hopefully it will look as cute as I dreamt it as.

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