Monday, December 11, 2006

Getting my girl fix

I've always dreamed of sewing stuff for my daughter and showing her how to sew but being a mother to 4 boys, I will never get that chance. I do however get to show my neighbor daughters how to sew, which is a great alternative and thats exactly what I did last Thursday.

I had my neighbor and her girls come over for pizza (there dad is in Iraq) and I had the pillows all cut out and had embroidered their names on the pillow fronts. So all they had to do was sew the border around the name panel and sew up the back. The youngest had more fun pushing the pedal than feeding the material in the machine but the oldest enjoyed doing both parts. They both did a great job on their pillow. I was a little scared to do this project with them because the youngest is very hyperactive but she was calm that night and didn't stress me out at all until she picked my 2 month old up. They also found my fabric stash and fell in love with the material I plan on using to make them quilts. I just need to figure out a quilt pattern and buy the material for the cordinates.

I have to say that even though I don't have girls I do still get to sew my boys how to sew. My 7 year old made himself a pillow last weekend and he really likes to sew. My 2 year old likes to run the foot pedal while I'm sewing too, unfortunely he's either goes at snail pace or has a lead foot. It makes for an interesting sewing experience.

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graymama said...

I took my first sewing class when I was in 8th grade. It is a gift that just keeps on giving. Those girls and your boys will be grateful someday!

You are lucky that you can sew with your boys. Buddy is too interested in the needle. YIKES! I do knit in front of him while he sews his little sewing cards :-) Our boys will be well prepared. Maybe they will even teach their future partners a thing or two!