Thursday, November 19, 2009

Struggling with Pictures

The title says it all. I always struggle with taking really great pictures of my products. It's not like I have any problems with my camera. I love my Digital DSLR Nikon D70. It's the greatest camera out there well maybe not as good as the newest models but I LOVE this camera. I know nothing about photography but with this camera all you need to worry about is hitting the button, it does everything else for you. So what the problem is that I haven't found a really good place to take pictures in my house. I could take the pictures outside but for some reason taking a photo of an apron outside just seems a little weird. It's like it needs to be taken in the kitchen, which is a whole other problem in itself because my kitchen is usually in a constant state of dishevel. So I usually end up taking pictures of my aprons in front of the doors that lead to my sewing studio, which works but not as well as I want it too. The lighting is always good in my kitchen and I can take a picture at 10pm and the colors still come out. Another place I take pictures is in my front entry way, where I can hang products on my wall. I've tried other places in my house but I always end up with shadows or weird lighting. One of these days I'm going to take a photography class or find someone that knows what they are doing to take pictures of my products because everyone knows how important a product picture is.

Well today I was asked for my very best photos of my aprons and I couldn't really come up with anything since I've never been happy with my photos. So today we had a bit of photo shoot outside using natures scenery. Hopefully these photos are a bit better than the ones I was using.

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